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presentations and public speaking. We provide two-day, one-day, half-day, teleseminar and showcase media and presentation training programs to fit any budget or timeframe. We will bring our video equipment and workshops directly to you, anywhere in the world. Many clients prefer to train in our New York City-Times Square based TV and Presentation training studio, which features satellite TV interview backdrops, TelePrompTers, lecterns, large TV monitors, talk show sets, PowerPoint projectors, screens, board room settings, and even virtual reality audiences! We can simulate any media or presentation situation you may encounter.

At Media Training Worldwide we specialize exclusively in training for media, presentation, public speaking and interview coaching. That's all we do. We eat, think and sleep media training and presentation coaching. The result? We provide the highest level of service to you and guarantee that your communication skills will improve dramatically because you will be using the most innovative training and learning techniques and technologies available.

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We provide exclusive news and information to the global market on the critical subject of media and presentation techniques, with new content added daily.

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Media Training Worldwide provides more media and presentation training workshops and seminars (54 separate courses) than any other company in the world. We also publish more than 100 media and presentation training books, DVDs, CDs, and other information products and is the premier presentation/media training publisher in the world.

At Media Training Worldwide, we specialize in media, presentation, public speaking and speech training, as
well as executive coaching, to enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills for media interview,